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Fran West, speaker, author, adventurer, photographer and creator of products for aged care shares her adventures and life lessons with others by using photographs as well as words.

In her writing and productions, Fran not only conveys her passion for flying, photography and travel, but also encourages others to push the boundaries, tap into inner strengths and achieve their goals.

Oz Flight '99, a flight around Australia's coast, has been a real turnaround for Fran's life. She left her comfort zone, took a leap of faith, followed her dream, faced challenges and overcame fears. Not bad for a pilot who doesn't like heights or flying over the water!

Her experiences and insightful observations from Oz Flight '99 are highlighted in Plane Reflections: about life and a flight around Australia's coast

"Life is like the coastline. It has its ups and downs, its ins and outs and rugged and smooth patches, but it's still beautiful – a gift to be treasured."
Plane Reflections 

Because of the parallels between flying and life, much of Fran's work has an aviation flavour.

Through her writing, speaking and photography, Fran draws on her adventures and uses powerful demonstrations to offer practical ways of attaining personal and business success.


Comments about Fran West

"The lively question time at the conclusion of your presentation was testament to the interest shown by those attending.
Your theme of 'pushing beyond the comfort zone' was inspiring and I would not hesitate to recommend you as a speaker to other groups. Young people in particular need to be exposed to the 'I can do attitude' that you clearly hold.
Your selection of photographs displayed on the night is remarkable considering the difficulties of flying and photographing at the same time."

Alan Hancox
Friends of the Simpson Desert Parks



Plane Reflections: about life and a flight around Australia's coast

"...a book about (Fran's) round-Australia flight, which includes photographs of some of Australia's most startling and inaccessible coastline... not just a collection of fascinating anecdotes about her journeys, but also personal insights and messages of inspiration."

David Ellis
University of Adelaide



Flight Safety Australia, March-April 2008
Close to sea level.

Pacific Wings (NZ), March 2007
West around Australia.

women_pilots_magazine.jpg aopa_mag.jpg
International Women Pilots Magazine (USA)
May/June 2004
Cover photo and lead article.
AOPA Magazine
April 2002
Cover photo and lead article.


Fran's Photographs appear in

Coastal management in Australia, by Nick Harvey & Brian Caton

Australia's coastline from the air, with Mark Manuel and Roger Smith: a set of CD-ROMs for geography teachers and students.



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